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  • We help you expand into
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Welcome to 2ndBase Inc.

We’re a company that helps the world’s top tech companies expand into new markets – fast.


Your company is growing and growing fast. It’s now time to start expanding into new markets.

You could go through the tricky and drawn out process of hiring a team that needs to go to each country; see then if your product works or is a fit.

You could take a long way around and spend time and money discovering how things work locally while having to prevent the locals beat you to the prize. Or, you could work with a team that’s been there, done it and knows how things work.

We’ve done it before, know the lay of the land and will give you the scaling advantage you need to be successful.

We’ve done this successfully before and will help you do the same.

We’ll help you steal the advantage of 2ndBase.

What we offer

We offer expertise in Europe, Asia, and African markets for execution, commercialization, expansion, and research.

We bring local knowledge, relevant introductions and extensive business experience to your expansion plans.

We have proven and transparent processes that will accelerate your path to expansion. All members of our team have been involved in growing multimillion-dollar businesses across these new markets.

We’re a bunch of seasoned executives with wide-ranging relevant expertise.

Our solutions are country specific solutions and we help you find personalised and relevant opportunities.

As entrepreneurs, we know how to hustle and will help with every step you’re going to need with localized growth hacking, marketing, communication, and expansion.

Who Do We Work With?

The world is ready and open for so much disruption and the opportunities that new markets offer will create the new unicorns of this world.

You’ll see from our history that we work with companies that exhibit most of the following characteristics:

  • Validated and disruptive ideas.
  • Defensible business model.
  • Global application.
  • Managed by committed and passionate entrepreneur(s).

Let’s have a chat and see where we can help you really grow and find success.

Let’s talk

Send us your contact details and some of what you’re thinking, and we’ll get back to you within the next 48 hours.

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