By 2025, 97% of worldwide growth will occur in new markets. Successful expansion is how you create lasting value for your business.


    • We cover all the countries highlighted below.
    • We’ve lived in them, launched and grown businesses in them.
    • We know them and their people intimately.
    • Below are listed all the areas of delivery we specialize in.


Africa Map





We will tick the following boxes, in every country, for you.


    • Company set-up
    • Offices
    • Legal


    • Tax
    • Bank Account
    • Legislation


    • Country manager
    • Sales team
    • Admin team


    • Telco intro’s
    • ISP intro’s
    • Media Intro’s
    • E-commerce
    • Payments

Market research and analysis

    • Industry studies and research.
    • Market overview and comparisons.
    • Market sizing, segmentation, and positioning.
    • Sales channel and key customer identification.
    • Shelf check, product positioning.
    • Export strategy.

Interviewing and Customer surveys

    • Qualitative and quantitative customer surveys.
    • Focus groups.
    • Face to Face interviews.
    • CATI or CAPI methodologies.
    • B2B interviews.

Attracting Investment

    • Feasibility studies.
    • Investor search.
    • Investment events.

Export Intelligence

    • Partner search
    • B2B Matchmaking
    • Export management

Sector Expertise


    • The life blood and success of many new tech businesses in emerging markets depend on mobile networks in one way, shape or form.
    • We’ll make the right warm intros to you and your team at C-level of any of the Telco’s in the listed countries.
    • We’ve worked with, started and led companies in this sector and have established long ranging and strategic partnerships for clients with the world’s leading Telecom groups.
    • We’ll close the commercial agreements you need, structure your local operations and get boots on the ground so you can build your business quickly and effectively.
    • You let us know what you need to have happened, and we’ll make it so.



    • Emerging market media is different to the ones you know.
    • We know where Facebook is better than Twitter, or where you need to build your app on WeChat if you want to get anywhere (we’ll even help with that).
    • And then on these platforms, what works best to reach your target audience?
    • We work directly with the official agents for Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, Snap, Oath and Spotify among others.
    • In media, our strength and focus lies in helping global platforms to unlock revenue and growth across emerging markets via these social platforms.

Payments / FinTech

    • Getting paid; making sure your customers can pay you, and getting that money out of the country is the life-blood of your business.
    • Slipping up on any one of them could be fatal.
    • First-world payments are developed for the western world and mostly inaccessible to the majority of emerging market clientele.
    • Just in Africa, there are than 30 mobile money service providers you might have to integrate with.
    • Expanding globally could take months and years due to legislation, local regulation and difficulty of collecting payments in different countries and regions.
    • Our extensive network, coupled with an in-depth understanding of these problems in each country, make us your go-to solution to optimise your income derived in each territory.
    • As a merchant, we ensure that you have the ability to process multiple e-commerce payments without needing multiple accounts with financial institutions (in different countries).
    • Whatever product or service we help you take into a market, we’ll make sure you can pay and also get paid.
    • Fintech business? No problem, we’ll make sure you have the best solutions to make your business easier:
      • Customer Initiated Payments.
      • Mobile Push Payments.
      • Instant Bank Payments.
      • Mobile Money Interoperability.
      • Remittance.

e-commerce shoping


    • We’ve seen it time and again where 1st world thinking does not work in emerging markets.
    • We’ve also seen that if changes are made taking local problems and local customs into consideration, it can swing a business around and make it immensely profitable.
    • The sheer size and population of the emerging market makes it ripe for the picking and the future growth potential is massive.
    • But in most countries it’s not mobile first, it’s mobile only. How optimised are you for mobile? For mobile everything?
    • Have you thought of logistics? Do you know the postal or courier systems and if they’re good or bad or even exist?
    • We have and we’ve built successful e-commerce businesses in these markets.
    • Ready to capitalise?