Why Use Us?

2ndBase works off the premise that you know your business, we know the right partners, the right local customs and how best to optimise. Your product and our knowledge makes for the best result in these emerging markets.

2nd Base is comprised of a dedicated team of launch specialists. We take companies from local to global, in the fastest, most effective and commercially viable way.

We know the countries we work in intimately, we know the lay of the land, the regulations, and laws, and we know what works on the ground.

Why? Because we’ve done it ourselves, we’ve lived in these countries, worked in them and launched a business in them.

You’re keen to expand to the emerging market, you know that is where the future lies, but you have no idea how to do it, or where to start.

Sure, you can hire a consultancy to do research and send novel size research reports, but that doesn’t get your company or your culture established in those countries.

And we know that from where you sit, African might look like one country and isn’t Asia just China? So you’d expect things to kind of work the same across the continents.

Trust us, they don’t, Europe, Asia, and  Africa are each composed of a wide range of very distinct countries. Each with their own laws, regulations, introductions, payment methods, etc. The list goes on.


This is where we step in.

When you engage, we become you …for 6-12 months we become the spearhead of your organization in all these emerging markets, and we help and show and teach and introduce all of your team to this world.

When we part ways, you’ll have a solid working office, solid commercial introductions made and a true way to market. (You’ll also be 24 to 36 months ahead of where you would have been, had you done it yourself).