How We Work

‘It’s not the technology you build that will define you. It’s the teams you build – and what people do with the technology you build.’
Sheryl Sandberg

For 6 -12 months we become you in the countries you want to expand to.

We understand how important your culture and products are. And more so, the importance to carry this through to any new country you set up.

For this we have a very specific way of working – and let’s explain.

For the first 4-6 weeks, we move in with you, we come to your office daily, and we get to know all your workings. We need to understand your culture, we need to get what it is that makes you unique. We’re entrepreneurs and start-up specialists, we get you.

Once we’ve worked through this, a few things happen:

  • We advise and decide with you, which countries are low-hanging fruit; which are best to roll-out into.
  • We decide with you, what adjustments need to be made to your product and angle of approach (if any).
  • We help you to make these changes; maybe an integration with a payment gateway before we go to that country, or you might need an office early on, or a specific country manager. Or do we go and have a chat with a Telco to see if there is appetite, etc. You get the idea.

We then, either with a chosen small team of your staff; or with a liaison team back at your head-office; get our team(s) into the different countries we’ve decided on. And we get to work.

This is where we step in and take care of all the steps of the international growth process of your company. This means 100% execution but also, research, strategy and planning. Throughout all these steps we work with full transparency and loop you into all major decisions to fully align your expectations with our execution processes. This is going to be your company in the said country – we need to leave you with a fully functioning office and business after all.

Throughout it all, we move fast, stay flexible and give you the ability to reduce risk through taking care of all aspects of your international expansion without having to deal with mounting costs and moving major resources to do so.