Our Experience

To be successful in the new emerging market countries takes many year of experience, understanding and keen knack to ‘get it’.Every country is different, every one has their small nuances that either make sure you will be a success, or you won’t and a local player will copy you and do it better.Our years of living, working and growing successful companies in these countries will give you the best odds in making your company a truly multi-national success.



  • Sudonum is a call tracking and communication API that is fast to integrate and easy to use. In mainly marketplace environments they allow sellers to add call tracking numbers to ads or listings with a few lines of code.
  • 2ndBase Inc is handling the expansion across multiple countries and handling the Marketplace and Telco intro’s, integration and relationships.


  • goVerify is the world’s leading proprietary platform that accurately detects fakes at scales. This ranges across all verticals e.g. Sneakers, Handbags, Watches, Sunglasses, Autoparts, Pharma and more.
  • With signed contracts with eBay, Adidas, Vans and more we believe goVerify soon to be the default gateway for all marketplace sellers.
  • 2ndBAse Inc is driving the next rounds of fundraising and handling all new marketplace integrations and related roll-outs.


  • 2ndBase is helping WeWine expand into Africa and Asia and all countries where WeChat (part of TenCent) is used.
  • WeWine is a mobile app that allows users to buy wine directly off of a mobile, it allows users to send wine to friends and business associates, but uniquely it allows customers to find the winefarms and actually go to the vineyard. Payments online and offline work off of the payment app used on WeWine. This cross-over is an ideal example of the benefit of using mobile for the whole sales process.


  • Flrrrt is a dating app that works on proximity.
  • It is in development and 2nd Base is helping with warm introductions to our VC contacts in San Francisco and the UK.


The following business cases are a small overview of real results where the 2ndBase team was involved individually or as part of the group to deliver said results in emerging market territories.

As a team, we’ll do the same (and even better) for you.

  • These were not direct clients of 2ndBase but well of the 2ndBase team. As such we have not mentioned names but reference them under numerals. More detail is available on request.

Company I

(Multiple countries across Asia, Africa & Middle East / VOD / Telco deals)

    The whole team from 2ndBase was involved with helping ‘Co I’, in a 12-month period, to expand across 34 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

    • Coordinated launches included the following across all countries:
      • Recruitment (country head and relevant teams ranging from 5-30 people per country).
      • Admin (entity setup, offices)
      • Finance (bank accounts and related tax structures)
      • Legal contracts (employment contracts, trademark and copyright contracts and business licenses)
      • Product (global best practices for said company yet with hyper localized execution and adaptation).
      • For each country, we had to develop a personalised localized market entry strategy and marketing plan.
      • Partnered up with relevant local partners and brands.
    • Mediated the roll out of joint ventures between ‘Co I’ and the local Mobile Telcos, Mobile handset manufacturers and Mobile Money suppliers in all regions with company specific.
      • Workshops and onboarding of Telco and ‘Co I’ teams.
      •  Detailed planning around launch ongoing marketing activities and customer acquisition strategies.
      • Presentations and business cases.
      • Tech integration to ensure properly working APIs.
      • Set up support functions to handle operational topics like customer enquiries, localized product and optimization of performance.

    • In some countries we got to complete the launch process in as fast as 8 weeks.
    • In Africa, the team drove expansion in 12 months from zero to business in 9 countries with 6 full offices and 80 staff.
    • In Asia, our team entered several ‘difficult’ markets as a first international VOD service (eg, Brunei, Myanmar and Pakistan)
    • Within 9 months a local player invested $18 million dollars in the Africa business for a minority stake.
    • 18 months from launch a majority stake of this Africa business was sold to a continental player at a premium.
    • Mobile Telco deals in all territories were in the range of $6mil/year/telco (min guarantee deals).
    • To quote ‘Co I’ CEO: ‘Following the initial phase of building our business in Africa, we have seen tremendous growth across our operating markets, far exceeding our expectations.’

Company II

(South-East Asia and the Middle East / Discount coupons)

    • Our team members lead the expansion of ‘II’ into South-East Asia and the Middle East with focus on:
      • Combination of M&As and building up organically.
      • Hired key positions
        • Country managers and senior staff.
      • Built business cases which were under the teams’ guidance, outperformed KPI’s across 90% of these Asian markets.
    • Large focus on sales optimization and process automation:
      • Turned around difficult and low performing countries through;
        • Sales training.
        • Implementation of adequate sales SaaS
      • Careful campaign planning and execution
    • Helped grow the business unit to 50% revenue contribution of the worldwide company in 7 months by partnering with the country’s top MNCs and brands.
    • Spotted and capitalized on trends in the market based on in-depth understanding of the local market.
    • Translated global best practices to local applications.
    • Our team worked very closely with the founders of Rocket Internet to ensure Asia and the Middle East played their role in the overall value creation:
      • Played a crucial part in order to ensure the floating of the company in the fall of 2011

Company III

(Based in Berlin with offices across Europe and shipping to over 30 countries / online retail)

    • Some of our team members co-founded the company and the brand that pioneered the way to shop furniture and design, making it ‘digital-first’ with proprietary technology to allow customization as well as affordable and accessible design pieces to the ‘digital natives’.
    • A centralized approach with low effort, but effective local adaptation:
      • Decentralized warehousing with sophisticated algorithms allowed for fast shipping to more than 30 countries across the globe.
      • Built out local sales teams in core markets whilst keeping overhead lean, through co-working spaces and shared offices.
      • Acquired influential retailers in over 20 countries across Asia, Europe and the US.
    • Built up a team of more than 100 people in less than 12 months, attracting talent from more than 15 nationalities.
    • Successfully sold the company after just 15 months to an industry leader.

Company IV

(Scandinavian Countries / E-commerce / Fashion)

    • Our team was part of the founding team in the Nordic region for ‘IV’.
    • Starting in 2012 some of our team lead the expansion of the ever so successful ‘IV’ into the Nordic region through building out a central team in Berlin with more than 130 Scandinavian nationals.
      • Marketing
      • Operations
      • Finance
      • Analytics
      • Business Development
    • In less than 12 months they ensured a market leading position in 3 out of 4 markets with a brand awareness of more than 80%.
      • Successfully executed super effective marketing strategy
        • TV, SEO, SEM, CRM, Display, Affiliate, SEO, Offline, PR, Social Media.
      • Norway became profitable in less than 12 months and after 36 months became the largest overall e-commerce website in the country.
      • Launched all 4 countries in the Nordics within 4 months of starting, with fully staffed teams.

Company V

(LATAM / SVOD operations)

    • Successfully deployed Live TV and VOD service in 14 countries in Latin America.
    • Negotiated white label VOD services with regional telecommunications companies in Latin America and SE Asia.
    • Started up an in-house VOD business unit offering content programming and processing services to major telecommunications companies, cable operators and ISP’s throughout Latin America including Net, Telefonica, Brasil Telecom, and Cablevision.
    • Started up the first VOD portal in Brazil.
    • Partnered with Intel and Microsoft to pre-load VOD portal in PC’s sold in Brazil.

Company VI

(Asia / Tech automation)

    • Head of South East Asia and Head of Expansion.
    • Rolled out 4 fully functional offices in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Istanbul
    • Recruited teams, implemented operational tools, and business development
    • Sold DSP (Digital Side Platform) technology to a number of agencies/brands in six South East Asian countries.
    • Trained and recruited local staff in the use of ‘Co G’ DSP/DMP product.

Company VII

(Asia / Accommodation)

    • Co-founder, head of Singapore and Malaysia.
    • Offices launched and build out in Singapore and Malaysia.
    • Recruitment and expansion of teams in all territories.
    • Raised over $10 million from venture partners.
    • Direct sales to hotel groups such as Amara and Pan Pacific Group.
    • Reached 1 million users in 8 months.

Company VIII

(Asia / Food & Beverage)

    • Executed all marketing activities in Singapore:
      • Facebook/Power Editor,
      • Newsletter,
      • GDN,
      • CRM and
      • Affiliates.
    • Consulted with and established marketing partnerships with large local newspapers, banks and leading tech companies.

Company IX

(Asia / Retail)

    • Expanded presence of the business across its footprint (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand) through digital marketing.
    • Doubled the size of the Philippines business in 2 months by localizing the overall marketing strategy for the specific market.
    • Increased region-wide revenue by 15% in 3 months by revamping the paid and organic social media strategy of the company.

Company X

(Asia / E-Commerce)

    • Achieved 20% MoM revenue growth by activating the local country’s top retailers on the platform.
    • Increased revenue contribution from 12% to 70% in 6 months by expanding product assortment covering bestsellers and a long tail.
    • Facilitated cross border merchants from Hong Kong covering a vast array of SKUs.

Company XI

(Asia / Big Data / e-sports)

    • Research and
    • Investigated how sports data can be used for trigger ads.
    • With ‘Co L’ collecting over 400,000 real time games around the globe, we worked to setup the first cases on how we can use this data effectively in a digital environment
    • Worked closely with larger Ad-tech companies around the use of sports-data in advertising.

Company XII

(Africa / E-commerce)

    • Build company to be the 5th most visited e-commerce website in Africa.
    • Successfully drove multi-country expansion.
    • Awarded best mobile app internationally beating 150 000 other entrants
    • Selected as one of the Top25 companies to work for in South Africa by Fast Company magazine.