Business Services

Understanding the cultural nuances, adapting your message to the market and promoting it in such a way that it is locally relevant, is key to doing business in new territories. Our local teams will help you do just that.
Language, UX, branding and marketing campaigns, deal making or face-to-face interactions, we help companies understand the territories they operate in from day one.

Company Set-up

To launch you successfully across the countries you choose to expand into, we’re set up to make sure you get all the business services you might need. Below we expand on each area of expertise with the sole purpose of making sure you are correctly launched and set up, regardless of how far and wide you’d like to grow your business to.

In each country listed, we’ve done a full company set-up. With the team at hand, we know the ins and outs of what is important when setting up your local company.

We know the legal frameworks, where to go to get the right documents and permissions and personally know the relevant people to help.

For what you might need, we know which cities are the best, be it what is best commercially, or strategically.

Let us know if you want to work from co-working facilities which allow you easy access to growing and reducing your office size or full stacked offices.

We handle and will show your team how to:

  • Set up your company
  • Find the best-suited offices for your needs
  • What legal framework is needed and how to make sure you protect your IP framework


Almost no one likes administration especially around taxes and local legislation, but truth be told this is often what breaks or makes foreign companies when entering new markets. As we have launched content, data and marketing business in South East Asia, Africa and South America we are well trained to understand how these practices take place in real case scenarios and know how to help you further.

We’ll make sure you are all on board with:

  • Tax issues
  • Bank accounts
  • Legislation
  • Equity structures

Marketing and Communications

Getting Your Story Right

There are few things as important as getting your message out right and meeting your audience where they need to be met – especially in a new country, region or continent. Leveraging the right communication channels, understanding how to get your key messages out, and building a reputation that outlasts your launch is crucial. Driven by data while leveraging an authentic, human connection is pivotal when you’re establishing yourself and your business in a new space – and we’re here to help you do that.

  • With over fifteen years of experience across five continents, we’re able to design impactful marketing and media strategies to help you build a brand that lasts.
  • We have personal connections with the strongest agency and network partners to build and deliver on creative, innovative campaigns that will help you see the ROI you deserve.
  • We understand how to track the right metrics to continuously improve your campaign, reach and relevance – ensuring your mission is poised for launch.


We know the right networks, universities or local companies to hire from. Your success in a country is often being able to understand what circles are important to hire from. The right men or women for the job will often give you access to both top politicians or business people in the country. Having hired in over 30 new markets across the world we are always able to bring in the best people for the job.

We know and will make sure you get it right first time:

  • Local Recruitment Policies & laws
  • We’ll help you find a trusted and well-suited Country manager
  • The most appropriate and connected sales and business development teams
  • Marketing team
  • Tech team
  • Admin team

Commercial services and solutions

Few things are as important as speaking to the right person at the right time.

In the services we offer you, nothing is probably more important than the networks we possess. Our team is able to call on the most well suited and relevant contacts in each of the countries you are looking to enter on either of the 3 continents. Having built up these networks for over 20 years we are able to do what could take you years, in weeks and months.

We allow you to go straight to the top of telcos, e-commerce, and media companies and cut months off your launch time.

We allow you to integrate correctly the first time, be it with a local payment gateway or a mobile network or media platform.

Our areas of focus are::

  • Telco Intro’s
  • ISP Intro’s
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Media intro’s
  • E-commerce intro’s
  • Key Opinion Leaders intro’s

Business Development

Business modeling and projections

We assist in creating a viable P&L for you; taking into account local demographics shifts, country geographies, technology shifts as well as social, economic and political changes that will impact business models in both the short and long run.


Partnership structuring

We seek out the main decision makers through our network of experts and create win-win situations for you and your partners. We do all the heavy lifting and then hand over to your team. We teach, guide and introduce. Making sure your sales people and business development teams are along all the way. When we leave you, your people and teams will have been introduced to all our contacts and deal with them directly.



We work with your teams and show them what is needed for a localised pitch. We will take them into the meetings, help with the presentations and make sure they’re not seen as foreigners. Our angle ensures they are accepted by the locals and come with personal introductions. Through countless negotiations we did ourselves, we understand the fine lines of local business culture which are important to every pitch.


Commercial negotiations

We work with your and our legal departments to understand the small print in contracts and prepare you for the unexpected in the local deal making. If one knows what to look out for, you can ensure there is no graft, bribery or other issues one has heard out of emerging markets.

More importantly though, we ensure your agreements are above the law, solid commercially and that you will get paid, or your product will get to market as promised.


Design thinking research

We look at whole markets to understand what value your service/product will create, as well as what competition is already there in order to give suggestions for changes on the product or service roadmap, its all about giving a local product/service.

We take on a human centred approach to solve problems that look at the desirability from a customer point of view, what is technologically feasible, is it a viable business model and ultimately is it a strategic fit for the company and country?