Getting paid; making sure your customers can pay you; and getting that money out of the country is the life-blood of your business.
Slipping up on any one of them could be fatal.
An extensive network coupled with an in-depth understanding of these problems in each country, make us your go-to solution to optimise your income derived in each territory.

Payment Integrations

The Problem

First world payments are developed for the western world and mostly inaccessible to the majority of Africans.


  • Most 1st world mobile payment products are dependent on credit / debit cards.
  • Financial inclusion is NOT only about giving people easier access to payment methods or remittance.

Financial Institutions

  • Card fraud reported to be an estimate of $ 21.84 Billion.
  • Unable to collect sufficient analytical information about sales made using current technology.
  • Banks in Africa are losing market share because they cannot deliver the same user experience as mobile money due to old or non existing infrastructure.
  • Financial Institutions are forced to spend millions on PCI and other certifications to secure card transactions and still they are losing billions due to card fraud.


  • With more than 23 mobile money service providers in Africa, adding them all to your commerce platforms is time consuming and very costly.
  • Expanding globally takes months due to legislation and difficulty of collecting payments in different countries and regions.
  • Paying salaries or refunding customers can be difficult and multiple systems are needed.
  • Hardware cost are prohibitive for processing card transactions.

Where we help solve your problems

2nd Base is exclusively partnered with Wallettec, a technology company focussing on mobile payment solutions and helping you solve any type of traditional and mobile payment integrations.

Patented technology allows for processing of any type of transaction without sharing any payment or personal information. Patent Application No PCT/IB2016/054041

African Agent Count:
We give Fintech companies access to 20 000 agents (and counting).

Mobile Payment and Remittance capability:
We’re integrated in more than 26 African countries.

Direct integration agreements with Interswitch give us access to:

  • 21 Banks in Nigeria,
  • 8 banks in Uganda and,
  • more than 100 institutions in Kenya.

Products that make your business easier:

  • Customer Initiated Payments.
  • Mobile Push Payments.
  • Instant Bank Payments.
  • Mobile Money Interoperability.
  • Remittance.

The only way to secure payment information is by not sharing it, EVER

Who are our payment customers


  • We give you as a merchant the ability to process multiple payment options without having multiple accounts with financial institutions (all in different countries).
  • We make it easier for you as an international merchant to enter the African economy to grow your business.
  • We provide you the ability to grow your turnover faster, by giving access to more payment options and easier access to financial assistance.
  • We give you the ability to locally pay salaries, refund customers or even act as a remittance agent – all from a single API integration .
  • We can even help you reduce transaction costs by bypassing card processing fees.

Financial Institutions

  • We are able to provide most styles of Fintech companies and financial institutions with a means to provide more secure payment capability to their customers.
  • We give you the ability to collect detailed analytical information on your customer’s spending. Not only know where they spend but what they spend on, all in real-time.
  • Where relevant we give Fintech companies the capability to develop mobile payment solutions without relying on MasterCard and VISA and/or spending millions on licensing fees.
  • For Africa we allow you to introduce and become part of true financial inclusion.

Country Integrations


Population Older than 15: 15 900 000
Population using Card Payments: 2.0%
Population shopping online: 2.0%
Mobile Money users: 8.3 M


Population Older than 15: 27 200 000
Population using Card Payments: 5.0%
Population shopping online: 2.0%
Mobile Money users: 19 M

South Africa

Population Older than 15: 37 500 000
Population using Card Payments : 50.00%
Population shopping online : 14.0%


Population Older than 15: 25 600 000
Population using Card Payments: 13.0%
Population shopping online: 1.0%
Mobile Money users: 26.3 Milion


Population Older than 15: 19 400 000
Population using Card Payments: 7.0%
Population shopping online: 2.0%
Mobile Money users: 21.1 Milion


Population Older than 15: 6 700 000
Population using Card Payments: 2.00%
Population shopping online: 2.0%



Pay anybody using any mobile money provider no matter on which network they are. It’s always been a problem to pay a friend or family member on a different mobile money network or in a different country. Working with key partners in Africa, Wallettec solved this problem.


A single API & Cloud infrastructure links:

  • Banks.
  • Money Transfer Companies.
  • Mobile Network Operators.
  • Merchant Payment operators.

into one seamless multi-currency network assuring secure straight through processing in low to medium value denominated payments.

Our current API is directly integrated in over 20 countries and growing rapidly.  Through our partners’ links, we cover the entire globe.